an exploration of watery worldings, transcorporeal trauma and oceanic healing

1. Watery worldings, 22.03.2018
2. Hydrosphere, 18.05.2018

"Hydrofeminism Is Solidarity across Watery Bodies" by Maria Bordorff, Kunstkritikk

Astrida Neimanis: Hydrofeminisme: Eller, om at blive en krop af vand (2018)



Hydra is an exploration of watery worldings, transcorporeal trauma and oceanic healing.

Waters on the planet are running through deep challenges. As the warming climate melts the Arctic ice, oceans acidify and planetary currents are destabilized, we become aware of just how intricately we are intra-acting with the watery world; whether it meets us as storms, floods or droughts. Meanwhile, the contamination of the waters are ongoing, in the form of oil spills, chemical toxins, heavy metals, radioactive waste and plastic. All bodies depend on these waters, including our human ones. We all have water streaming through us, not unlike any other reservoir, river or lake. Boundaries between human and more-than-human bodies blur as we follow the streams of water.

Hydra is anchored in Snekkersten, on the coast of Øresund, and travels with water wherever it may flow.

Hydra is a project by Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology

Elena Lundqvist Ortíz
+45 20919068
Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology is a multidisciplinary platform for planetary becoming.

Concerned with questions of global multispecies sufferings and environmental distress, we work with experimental exhibition formats and knowledge productions in the knotty entanglements between the human and the non-human, between the arts and the sciences, guided by feminist and posthuman(istic) strategies – be they artistic, theoretical, scientific, or everything at once.

18 May - 3 June 2018
Opening: 18 May at 5-8 pm
2. Hydrosfære
Our bodies are facilitated and sustained by the waters of the planet. We depend on hydrological movements; from ocean to atmosphere to land, and participate in the planetary water cycle. As bodies of water, we also carry water from one place to another. Our movement facilitates the movement of water, as water facilitates ours. We are (in) the hydrosphere.

How do we intra-act with the waters that flow in, through and between us? How do we choreograph the movement of water, and what kinds of choreographies do these new hydrologies stir us into?

The exhibition explores what it means to be (in) a body of water, in both a corporeal and planetary sense. As bodies of water, we are always immersed in hydrospheric circulations, where our most intimate bodily fluids become planetary archives. Water connects us across bodies, species and landscapes, but also across scales. The exhibition presents site-specific and performative works that propose new hydrospheric choreographies.

Malin Bülow (SE/NO) / angela rawlings (CA/IS)
The exhibition is supported by Fonden Roskilde Festival Helsingør Kommune
Nordic Culture Point

Aurora Archives (2014), Zille Bostinius (2018)

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